Award winners

WATCH: Glory for the winning team at Yorkshire Distribution Centre

In our latest RMtv programme, we get the lowdown from our Customer Service Point (CSP) colleagues and hear how they’ve adapted during Covid-19.

It has been an extraordinary time for all of us working tirelessly through coronavirus. It makes it all the more important we reflect on our exceptional achievements in the past year. As you will have seen on a previous RMtv, we have announced our 2019/20 CEO and COO Award winners.

Press play to hear from the outstanding team at Yorkshire Distribution Centre (YDC), which was named the National Operations Unit of the Year, having scored most highly across the key areas of performance measurement, safety, cost and productivity.

Plus, interim chief financial officer, Liz Law explains how we can build a sustainable future for Royal Mail.

The programme is now live across our channels. This includes Content on Demand for those safe and able to watch on that channel, socially distanced.

10 Aug 2020