Good housekeeping

Slips and trips account for almost three quarters of our most serious injuries at work

Slips, trips and falls can happen at any time of year and they remain our biggest cause of absences, accidents and serious injuries.

Outdoor slips, trips and falls account for a number of broken bones, bruising and musculoskeletal conditions each year, while poor housekeeping and congested work areas can present hazards when performing tasks indoors.

Effective preparation to prevent the risk of such incidents, and ensuring correct behaviours are adhered to will ensure that the chances of injury are reduced. 

One thing we can all do at this time of year is check that we have good tread on our shoes. For those units where slips and trips are a particular issue, a unit action plan with links to posters and briefing materials is now available to support colleagues in reducing slips, trips and falls.

With space constraints a continued challenge in our offices, it is vital that we maintain unobstructed walkways, exit routes and clear exit points. All colleagues have a responsibility to help keep their premises clean and tidy and to identify areas that fall below acceptable or safe standards.

The practice and promotion of effective hygiene and cleanliness is also a vital measure, particularly now and throughout the ongoing pandemic.

29 Jul 2020