Covid-19 policy updates

We welcome back colleagues in vulnerable groups, who have recently returned to work

Over the past few weeks we have seen the Government continue to ease restrictions around staying safe during the current crisis.

This is a positive sign for all of us and evidence that we are perhaps beginning the journey towards a return to normal life.

Along with the health and safety measures currently in place, the ease on restrictions has enabled some colleagues in vulnerable groups to return to work. We would like to welcome back colleagues, who have recently returned to work following a period of self-isolation or shielding.

Changes to policies

With the changes to public health guidance, we are amending the policy approach we have taken to date, to support colleagues absent from work due to Covid-19.

Sick pay – colleagues with less than a year’s service

  • In response to coronavirus, we temporarily changed the sick pay policy for colleagues with less than a year’s service. Where the absence was related to coronavirus, these employees received the same sick pay as colleagues with more than a year’s service.
  • From 1 August, our normal approach to sick pay will apply for employees with less than a year’s service. Where an absence is related to coronavirus, colleagues with less than a year’s service will receive statutory sick pay.


  • For those colleagues with a furlough agreement, who have been unable to come into work for public health reasons (self-shielding or shielding others), the furlough period will end on 31 July. Colleagues on furlough have been contacted individually.

Colleagues looking after a dependant(s)

  • Where a colleague has to look after a dependant, such as a child, our normal approach applies. Colleagues can work flexibly, take holiday or unpaid time off. There are a range of options, which can be considered, for example, working on a different shift or day, or at a different time. They should discuss and agree such arrangements with their manager.
30 Jul 2020