Accident free

Stoke MDEC team celebrate 2,000-day safety milestone

The team at Stoke Manual Data Entry Centre (MDEC) are celebrating having achieved 2,000 accident-free days.

Stoke MDEC deputy manager, Sandra Fisher, won the Talent in Logistics award in 2017 for the work she did on health and safety within the MDEC.

‘When I took over responsibility for safety, there was no structure or anything,’ she said. ‘I made an effort to organise and build on creating a safe environment and we made safety a key priority.

‘We’re delighted with our 2,000 days accident-free milestone as we've been doing everything we can to maintain high health and safety standards. The team at Stoke MDEC always notify me of any issues and as well as the Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) calendar, I keep a safety checklist to ensure all our health and safety is up to date.

‘Not only do I work with our health and safety rep, Asem Mohammed, but also with Matt Vickers from Customer Experience. I have also trained another deputy on what to do when I’m off and we’ve had a number of safety-themed WTLLs. These have included practical sessions, where we roleplay and look for unsafe conditions etc.

‘Everyone is kept really well informed with all the safety guidelines. The SHE boards are regularly updated, and the team are always informed of anything that went well, as well as what can be improved on. Our fire marshals and first aiders also have regular meetings with the area health and safety rep.  

‘It’s quite an achievement to go 2,000 days without a single accident and I would like everyone to be recognised for all the hard work they have put in to make this happen.’

16 Jul 2020