What you told us

The results of this year’s Employee Survey are here

Thank you to everyone who took part in this year’s Employee Survey. Several thousand colleagues provided their feedback, even though the survey only launched shortly before the UK went into lockdown.

We are pleased to report that all three of our key scores improved:  

  • Engagement score: increased by one point to 61 per cent.
  • Culture score: rose by four points to 57 per cent.
  • Customer focus score: improved by 11 points to 81 per cent.

Press play to hear from chief HR officer, Sally Ashford, and click here for a Colleague Update with more information.

Our engagement score increased for the fourth year in a row, and 75 per cent of you said you feel proud to work for Royal Mail Group, up by five points from last year.

Our customer score was up by 11 points. More colleagues said that they understand what customers expect from us and believe customers are satisfied with our service.

We are also pleased that many more colleagues were told the results of last year’s survey and contributed to a team action plan. Action taken as a result of last year’s survey was up by 10 points.

Your feedback also highlighted some keys areas for improvement. These include trusting senior management to make the right decisions and ensuring colleagues feel appreciated for the work you do.

As a next step, your manager will share and discuss these results with your team, listen to your feedback and involve you in action planning. These are your results, so please feel free to ask for them.

22 May 2020