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‘Mine’s a large one’

Boycie thanks colleagues for their ‘amazing service’

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Herman Terrance Aubrey ‘Boycie’ Boyce took time out from drinking with wife Marlene in The Nags Head to say a few words of thanks to our people.

The actor John Challis, best known for portraying Boycie in the long-running BBC television comedy series, Only Fools and Horses, has delivered a thank you message to colleagues for the magnificent job they are doing processing and delivering the mail for customers.

Press play to hear Boycie explain what a little bird had to say about Retford’s posties.

Retford delivery office manager, Steve Mackenzie (pictured with postwoman Robyn Stanney), arranged for John to show his appreciation as a gesture of thanks to his amazing team in these difficult times.

‘My posties are being brilliant day in day out, obviously very concerned about the virus, but totally engaged in the two-metre rule.

‘Half the IPS frames are shut and some frames have been moved, and we have had sanitiser gel for weeks now mainly due to Robyn mothering us all.

‘Some of my team have even been tracked down by a customer who has been giving them cupcakes to say thank you.

‘We’re all trying to stay positive in these trying times and we continue to fulfil the USO. John’s appearance certainly raised a few smiles. John has actually done a few messages for Retford. It’s a paid service that I use because I think the staff need a lift at times like this. Robyn is my DOM support and is a massive help to the operation.

Operations manager, Adam Knight praised Steve and Robyn last week for delivering a box of Easter eggs and hand sanitiser to their local Retford Ambulance station, following a collection in the office.

‘They’re also doing another collection for their local food bank,’ said Adam. ‘I think it’s fair to say you see people’s true nature when things get tough and these two are truly a shining example!

‘Well done and thank you to all the frontline staff at Retford. Without them and their generous natures, these types of thing wouldn’t be possible!’