‘I’m a Royal Mail girl’

Hannah’s Games founder explains why our services are so crucial to her customers

According to a survey conducted by Parcelhub, which interviewed 100 business to business and business to customer mid-market UK retailers, Royal Mail was the preferred carrier of choice.

One customer who uses Royal Mail for all her deliveries is Hannah Darragon, the founder of online party games supplier, Hannah’s Games, a toy and game manufacturer based in Plymouth.

Press play to hear Hannah explain how Royal Mail has been able to help grow her business and remain competitive.

‘As a marketplace seller, I sell on eBay, Amazon and Etsy as well as my own website,’ she said. ‘I have to offer a service that I know will get there and is reliable.

‘If any of my customers’ orders don’t get delivered, my metrics get hit. If my metrics get hit, my ability to sell on these platforms will be removed and my business will close down. It’s that simple.’

13 Mar 2020