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Valentine’s postbox unveiled in the most romantic village in the UK

As romantics across the UK prepare to send their Valentine’s Day cards and gifts, we have unveiled our ‘Valentine’s postbox’ in the most romantic village in the UK - Lover, Salisbury.

The postbox, which is located on Besomer Drove, is decked out in romantic designs, including Cupid’s bow and arrow. It will be decorated throughout February for lovers to visit and send post from.

Press play for a glimpse at how Lover’s residents have been preparing for Valentine’s Day.

A small village in Wiltshire, Lover is close to the county border with Hampshire. It is within the New Forest National Park and part of the Redlynch parish.

Royal Mail is also sponsoring the village’s annual Lover village Valentine’s post. The pop-up post office is a key part of the Valentine service delivered by Lover. The post office adds an extra special romantic touch to every Valentine's card by marking cards with a stamp to show it has been sent from Lover.

The Lover village Valentine’s post service enables people to receive the special Lover cachet stamp on the envelope of their Valentine’s card before it is sent anywhere in the world. The Lover village website has been busy taking online orders and the pop-up post office opened its doors on 8 February.

One customer said that a handwritten letter means someone has made much more of an effort than a text or an email. ‘So much correspondence now is by text and email,’ she said. ‘So much so that you don’t get personal letters very often, so to actually get one is very special.’

Salisbury postman, Daniel Bennett, said: ‘It’s nice to know that you’re making someone’s day and giving them a surprise, or something they may have been waiting for or looking forward to. It’s nice to give them something that could really cheer them up.

‘Of course, it’s nice to show appreciation for your other half…but I think it’s important to do it every other day, not just on Valentine’s Day.’