For wed it’s worth

Barry ‘humbled and overwhelmed’ by colleagues’ wedding funds

Norfolk LGV driver Barry Lansfield says he is ‘humbled and overwhelmed’ after colleagues raised funds to help him get married.

Barry, who is from Walsoken, near Wisbech, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in October and has been told he has ‘many months, but not many years’ to live.

His oncologist delivered the news at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, where Barry is currently having radiotherapy.

Barry told the BBC: ‘They can't get rid of it, but this might slow it down. I call it 'the little alien in my head' and the radiotherapy is like a game of space invaders between me and it.

‘I saw a picture of my cancer and it looks like it's looking down at me, laughing, while eating away at me. I've given him a name - we call him Arthur.’

When he was diagnosed, Barry said that his one wish was to marry his partner, Donna, on Valentine's Day.

After Barry proposed in December, colleagues at Peterborough Vehicle Operating Centre began fundraising for his big day.

Distribution driver, Sean Wanless, who led the campaign to raise the money for Barry’s wedding, said: ‘We were all saddened to hear of Barry's cancer diagnosis.

‘I set up a Just Giving page and with help from Barry’s daughter and colleagues we have so far managed to raise more than £2,000.’

The small ceremony will actually take place on 15 February as Valentine’s Day wasn't available. But Barry said that any money left over would be donated to cancer charities.

‘I've never asked for anything in my life,’ said Barry. ‘Then all of a sudden these people want to do something for me.

‘I'm totally humbled and overwhelmed by all this, and the love and support is helping so much. I can't say thank you enough.’

Traffic manager, Dave Townsend, said: ‘It has been a pleasure being Barry’s line manager over the last few years. He initially started as an agency driver, but we eventually took him on as a full time LGV driver based on his commitment and professionalism.

‘Sadly, Barry has been through some very tough times, but he maintains a positive outlook, he has an incredible spirit and he’s a real character.’

Photo by BBC.

22 Jan 2020