‘What a legend’

‘What a nice postie we have, thank you…’ and other grateful tweets

A big thank you to Brian in Bristol, Clive in Streatham and all our colleagues in Toddington, who according to one highly impressed customer, are the ‘happiest and friendliest’ people alive!

Below is a selection of tweets praising ‘our wonderful @RoyalMail delivery service.’

  • @Rich43033163 – @AmazonUK @FedExEurope @UPS @Hermesparcels @dhlexpressuk all you guys should learn to be like the @RoyalMail geezer, he knows how to close a gate and stop letting my dogs out, what a legend. Christmas tip coming your way smiley mail man! #Thanks #RainOrShine #CloseTheGate!!!
  • @Sharon030161 – What a nice postie we have...thank you @RoyalMail.
  • @tashamitchellx – Appreciation post to our regular post lady who knows where to drop my parcels when I’m not home. Didn’t even ask her, she knows. @RoyalMail #thankyou.
  • @angharad_smigs – @RoyalMail thank you to your postman on his round between Maenclochog and Narberth today for taking off his cap and bowing his head to my grandmother on her final journey in the hearse today.
  • @LauraScooby – @RoyalMail hugely impressed at the service from one of your posties...went the extra mile and it’s massively appreciated.
  • @Sandra_Vick_art – A big shout out to our wonderful @RoyalMail delivery service. Today I received this in the post (pictured). Look at that address...and they found me! I’m very impressed.
  • @ukjames42 – @RoyalMail thank you so much to the lovely postman who took time to call back round to our house (we were out the first time) because he thought this was an important elf delivery.
  • @whit_clare – @RoyalMail I just had the smiliest most cheerful postman make an evening delivery. I loved him and he needs extra Christmas presents please and thank you.
  • @kmdrysdale – Many thanks to Clive at @RoyalMail Streatham Delivery Office for taking the time and making extra effort today to find my parcel so I can try on bridesmaid dresses. He’s a star.
  • @SGunn_TFT – @RoyalMail big thank you to Brian in your Bristol North Delivery Office who found my purse after it had been stolen and returned it to me in south Bristol! Words don’t express my gratitude but hopefully a big box of chocolates will!
  • @christopherkngm – @RoyalMail every post person I come across in Toddington, Bedfordshire is the happiest and friendliest person alive. As employers, you must be doing something right.
12 Dec 2019