Round the houses

A competitors’ misplaced parcel left student Eleanor Cushion in the lurch – until an anonymous colleague stepped in to help

‘I’d ordered a parcel from Hermes,’ said Eleanor, a customer from the Wirral. ‘And they sent a photo to show my parcel was outside.’

So far, so normal. ‘Except, it wasn’t at my house,’ said Eleanor. ‘I went outside and looked and realised they’d simply dumped it somewhere else.’

Eleanor began to panic. As a pharmacology student at Manchester University, she had popped home to Spital, near Liverpool. The parcel had several dresses and tops she needed that day as she had planned a night out back in Manchester.

‘I’d ordered it next-day delivery,’ she said. ‘But two days later, it still hadn’t arrived.’

After frantically dashing around her estate looking for the errant package, Eleanor had nearly given up until she bumped into her local postman, who was just finishing his round. He hadn’t seen it but promised to keep an eye out.

Eleanor returned home, and tried to contact Hermes customer service. But to no avail.

‘I tried to ring them, but I couldn’t get through to a human being,’ she said. ‘I got nowhere.’

She was just about to give up when she saw her postman coming up her drive – bearing her precious pink parcel of clothes.

She was ecstatic: ‘He didn’t have to do it,’ she said. ‘It was nothing to do with him, but he was just being kind.’

This kind of service helps Royal Mail stand out from other couriers, she believes. ‘Hermes messed up,’ she said. ‘But he sorted it out. Please pass on my thanks.’

Unfortunately, we have been unable to trace the postman concerned, but we’d still like to say a big thank you to whomever it was who helped Eleanor, plus everyone at New Ferry and Eastham Delivery Office for all your hard work.

25 Nov 2019