Exceeding expectations

Gatwick LD colleague makes customers and their satisfaction her priority

When her line manager noticed Beatrice Balauta (Customer Service Advisor, Gatwick LD) take full ownership of all her enquires within just one month, thus ensuring our customers receive the excellent service they expect, it was only natural that Beatrice should be named the unit’s Employee of the Month for September 2019.

According to Colin Vance (Operations Manager), Beatrice is a polite and positive lady for whom the unit has received several notes of appreciation from customers in recent months on how helpful she has been. “As a Customer Service Advisor Beatrice has always made it her priority to help our customers no matter the situation, even some situations can be difficult if at times,” Colin said. “Beatrice has also been very flexible with her work hours, enabling the unit to get out of sticky situations arising from resourcing shortages.”

Colin concluded by describing Beatrice as a true team player and an excellent Customer Service Advisor. “Congratulations Beatrice, this award is fully deserved,” he stated.

14 Nov 2019