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Contribution of London Central LD colleague acknowledged

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A commitment to going the extra mile every day to ensure all his customers get their parcels first time, every time enables Stewart Ferguson (Customer Service Provider, London Central LD) to continually deliver outstanding Quality of Service. The impact of his efforts on the Depot’s overall performance earned him the unit’s Employee of the Month award for September 2019.

So said Steve O’Connor in Stewart’s citation. “In recent months we have given a big push to reduce our bulk deliveries and get them back to the core routes so as to improve our overall service to our customers,” Steve wrote. “Stewart, who consistently delivers excellent results, fully understands the impact of this. He therefore stepped up to the challenge and this helped improve the overall service within his area.”

Considering that that the majority of Stewart’s route is very residential, in the North-West London area, his performance is a great achievement. Moreover, Stewart had to overcome various issues to achieve this superb result and his performance has not dipped to date. 

“I’m very proud to have Stewart as one of the London Central team,” concluded Steve. “I thank you for your consistent high performance.”