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Worry not Wednesday

Mihaela Hassan describes how our First Class Support helpline provided vital support in her time of need

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Thursday 10 October is World Mental Health Day. This week, we’ll be publishing various stories around mental health and raising awareness of the kind of support that is available to colleagues.

Today, postbox strategy planner, Mihaela Hassan, has very kindly agreed to share the story of how beneficial our Feeling First Class Support helpline proved during a rough patch she went through last year, which had left her feeling stressed and confused.

‘It was actually Fleet project manager, Geoff Stanley, who advised me to seek help by calling the Feeling First Class Support helpline,’ said Mihaela. ‘I called them just as I became unable to work. It coincided with me finally admitting to myself that I needed help, specifically, time away from work to heal and get myself back together.

‘Geoff called me after I emailed him mentioning the difficulties I was having at the time. Our conversation really helped me to reach out for the support I needed. I want to take this opportunity to thank Geoff for being such a good ear and telling me that I wasn’t alone, or the only one going through the type of situation I was experiencing back then.

‘After I contacted the helpline, a counsellor called me and offered me six sessions of support. She was amazing, and from the blubbering mess I was on our first conversation, she slowly helped me deal with all that was going on in my life and what had got me to the point when I realised I had to stop and recover.

‘I only know the counsellor by her first name, Phyllis. She was an absolute star and helped me so much I cannot even explain. So, thank you, to both Phyllis and Geoff from the bottom of my heart!

‘I would definitely recommend the helpline and I feel it’s really important to highlight the great support colleagues, who may be struggling with their mental health, have available at their fingertips. It’s vital that nobody is left to think that they’re alone and unable to access the kind of help they need.’

We want all colleagues to feel that they can be open about their mental health and comfortable discussing any mental health issues that may be affecting them, either indirectly or directly. Speaking to someone, whether by phone or face-to-face, will only make things better.

First Class Support

First Class Support is available 24/7 and is completely confidential. Call 0800 688 8777 for direct access to mental health support as well as to receive financial, relationship or legal advice.

In addition, our Feeling First Class website has materials and advice (use the code FFC1 to register) including the Because Healthy Minds Matter mental health awareness e-Learning. You can also download the app from both iTunes and the Google Play store.

Click here to download our Because Healthy Minds Matter list of support resources available to all colleagues and here for more information on achieving good mental health for all.