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‘Part of our community’

‘Many thanks to Jean and William for their all-year-round brilliant service with kindness and cheerfulness’

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Nigel in Workington, your recruitment skills are second to none, Mark in Bedford, your customers adore you, and Rachael in Burslem, Jean and William in Belfast, John in Uxbridge and Alan in Cambridge, thank you all for your amazing service; your cheery natures and beaming smiles are working wonders to brighten up your customers’ days.

Below is a selection of customer compliments sent in over the last few days.

Nigel Hodgson – Workington Delivery Office (pictured)

‘This man is a great postman. He does everything he can to help. Now I want to be a postman too.’

Rachael Smith – Burslem Delivery Office

‘Just like to give a mention to all our wonderful posties. Always cheerful and helpful no matter what the weather and we have had a lot of that this year! Rachael in particular, always gives a big smile and wave when you see her out and about.’

Unknown – Durham Delivery Office

‘I lost my keys and after a lot of searching everywhere it turned out that I had left them on top of the postbox outside my house. The postman/woman rang the bells of the other people in my block of flats and made sure they weren’t just left outside, where they could have been taken. Thank you so so, so much. The keys had my house keys and car keys, so I’m so glad he/she made sure they were in a safe place.’

Mark – Bedford MK40 Delivery Office

‘I'd like to pass on my happiness to have Mark as our postman. He is always friendly and feels like part of our community. Our street is very close and we all help each other out, and he has always gone above and beyond. Today, he helped my mum sort her car oil and screenwash out. She is disabled and me and her were struggling to get the cap off the oil. He didn't hesitate to offer his help. It's just so nice to have such a friendly and positive postman on our street and we all look forward to seeing him if we’re there. I hope this goes back to him and I hope he knows we all love him here! We love having you as our postman with your positivity, lovely smiles and friendly chat and help.’

Unknown – Prudhoe Delivery Office

‘Not sure the name of our lovely post lady, but she is fab. Reliable/professional and helpful. She is always happy, canny and kind. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t even know the postie, but I’ve been on maternity leave and have got to know her... but not her name! Hope that someone will give her a pat on the back for all her hard work!’

Alan – Cambridge Delivery Office

‘Alan is very kind and considerate when delivering my post. I have two very young children and things can be quite chaotic for me in the mornings. He always manages to brighten up my day and is extremely cheery and helpful. He always goes above and beyond, asking how I am and bringing parcels to a suitable location for me. In this day and age, getting such wonderful customer service is extremely rare. Hence why I’m taking the time to give feedback for Alan as he is an exceptional employee and a credit to your company. Please can you pass on my thanks and gratitude.’

Jean and William – Belfast North Delivery Office

‘Jean and William are fantastic at their jobs. They are always pleasant, kind and thoughtful. Everyone in our street comments on how good they are. We believe that they will keep an eye out for vulnerable people in the street. We are very lucky to have them and they are fantastic representatives for Royal Mail. Many thanks to Jean and William for their all-year-round brilliant service with kindness and cheerfulness.’

John – Uxbridge Delivery Office

‘I have lived in Sedley Grove for many years and John the postman is the nicest, kindest and most thoughtful postman I’ve ever come across! He is always cheerful whatever the weather and is the epitome of what postmen are about. I just think he’s great!’