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‘That little bit extra’

Pensioner sends heart-warming letter thanking Matt for saving his life

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Newton Abbott postman Matt Woodland has been praised for saving the life of a customer who had fallen and spent a night on the floor of his home.

Following his actions, Matt received a heart-warming thank you letter (pictured) from the man, who has Parkinson’s disease.

And after the story became a social media hit, Matt made national headlines when it was covered by Metro.

The 75-year-old pensioner had fallen in his home the day before and spent the night stuck on the floor. He was found by Matt in the morning and rushed to hospital, where he spent five days recovering.

In the letter, the customer wrote: ‘If Matt had not found me, I was not due any visitors. I was becoming weak and would not have survived. I will always be grateful to Matt for doing that little bit extra and saving me.’ 

The customer stated that two callers had come out to his property during the night, but both had left without realising his ‘predicament’. When Matt came to the door, the man managed to open it with his foot, allowing Matt to push himself inside. He quickly contacted a neighbour and rang for an ambulance. 

The pensioner added that Matt had since been back to his house ‘several times’ to check on him. He wrote: ‘I’ve been able to thank him personally. He continues to knock and make sure I’m okay.’ 

Newton Abbott delivery office manager, Gary Isted, said: ‘We’re very proud of Matt and his actions in helping one of his elderly customers while out on his daily delivery.

‘Matt’s actions demonstrate exactly why our postmen and women are such highly-valued members of their local communities.’