22 November 2019
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Our changing mailbag

‘The Door to Door mail we deliver is often more effective than other forms of advertising’

Despite the continuing growth in parcels, letters remain a significant revenue stream for Royal Mail.

With people sending fewer letters and doing more online shopping the letters landscape and the Delivery job has changed.

Press play on the RMtv video above to find out how we have been helping our business customers and what Stephen Agar, MD consumer & network access, has to say about the future of letters at Royal Mail.

‘The key thing to remember about letters is that they contribute an awful amount of revenue for the business,’ said Stephen. ‘Therefore, they are very significant when it comes to paying for the Universal Service and keeping the whole operation running.

Letters still have many advantages for our business customers. The Door to Door mail we deliver is great for local businesses, national businesses and often more effective than other forms of advertising as it goes straight through the customer’s door.

In over 15 years working together, Royal Mail has helped multinational retailer, Costco keep growing and reaching new customers.

Sue Knowles, marketing and HR director, Costco Wholesale, said: ‘We continue to use print because I’m a firm believer in the fact that it’s more powerful when you get something in your hand. Door drop has worked for us really well because we’ve been able to identify the potential areas for customers and it’s a really cost-efficient way of doing business.

‘We made the decision in January this year to move our magazine to a monthly magazine. We now produce and mail 1.2 million copies of our magazine every month. Royal Mail have been a huge asset in putting that together for us.’