Let’s get quizzical

To celebrate World Book Day this week, we’re profiling our Royal Mail wordsmiths

A love of quizzes led Portsmouth postman Brian Daugherty to publish his first book.

Having appeared on TV quiz shows and written pub quizzes over the years, the next step for trivia-loving Brian was to compile all his knowledge into a compendium. And last year The Mensa Quiz book was published.

Brian believes books will always be a treasured medium as they include so much information. ‘Books like Moby Dick and Das Boot contain a wealth of background details which would never be reproduced in a film,’ he said.

As well as his quiz book, Brian has self-published a guide to GCSE maths, an introduction to astronomy and translated a German book on the misuse of statistics into English.  

His favourite fiction book is Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov.

‘It’s a very surreal story set in Stalinist Russia,’ he said. ‘A TV series and film exist, but they cannot fully reproduce what you experience from reading the book.’

The online postal market for books is thriving with shoppers still choosing to read physical copies, opposed to using an e-reader. Royal Mail works with thousands of online book sellers to keep the nation reading.

Now test your knowledge on Brian’s Royal Mail quiz. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @myroyalmailuk this week for the chance to win book vouchers.

  1. FDC is an abbreviation for which item of special interest to stamp collectors?
  2. Bands of which substance were added to British stamps from 1959 onwards to allow automation?
  3. In 1979 an inland overnight air service was inaugurated with various airports being the 'spokes of Speke'. The hub was located in which city's airport?
  4. In general when facing in the direction of increasing magnitude, are the odd numbers on the left or right?
  5. The Postal Museum is adjacent to which sorting office?
4 Mar 2019