A scan-do attitude

Chester-le-Street colleagues ensure items are scanned at every stage

April Stobbart used to be plagued by bogus complaints about parcels sent out by her stationery firm, Bloomingorgeous.

But since we started providing delivery confirmation tracking, enabling her to prove that her handmade goods arrive safely, a daily disappointment has disappeared.

Chester-le-Street delivery office’s exceptional parcel scanning performance has been at the heart of this success, giving April the confidence to secure new business.

‘The Click and Drop service is just amazing,’ said April. ‘I used to have three or four people every day saying items weren’t delivered. It really frustrated me as my products are personalised and I have to go back to the drawing board to recreate them.

‘But now I just say “Royal Mail scanned your item at this time and it’s coming up as delivered” and they stop trying to get refunds.

‘The whole process is clearer and I can put things on eBay with confidence again. I can’t praise the team enough.’

Gary Woodburn, delivery office manager at Chester-le-Street, says his team ensures items are scanned at every stage.

‘Our performance is exceptional on delivered and ready-for-delivery scans, because colleagues listen to what is required,’ he said.

‘When we had a dip in performance, our workplace coach Brian Milner went through the detail of where the issues are, making clear the importance of correct procedures.

Now they treat every item as scannable, checking whether it has a 2D barcode or a Tracked barcode to make sure performance stays at a consistently high level.’

Collection driver Neil Harris added: ‘It’s important to keep on top of it. The team is really committed to doing a good job for our customers.’

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7 Jun 2018