Celebrating our diversity

BAME steering group to showcase their aims at the Phoenix Centre on 22 June

Providing career guidance and mentoring, while celebrating our cultural diversity, has been the main focus of our BAME (black, Asian, minority ethnic) steering group.

Now the group is looking to expand its reach to create a greater sense of community, give BAME colleagues a safe space to talk about issues, and show them that there are no barriers to progression, by encouraging all colleagues to pursue their goals.

Team members have refreshed the group’s vision and will be showcasing their aims at events planned across the country, starting in London.

Sonia Strang, the group’s membership and events lead, said: ’We want to encourage all colleagues to get involved in the network. We will be sharing ways to do this locally and linking up for national events.

‘It’s also about how we recruit and attract talent so our workforce – at all levels – is representative of the communities in which we work.’

The BAME steering group will be joining in our Pride celebrations and hosting events to tie up with BAME cultural festivities, such as Diwali.

All are invited to the group’s event at the Phoenix Centre in London on 22 June, which will include talks from members, mentors and mentees, as well as food and discussions. Similar events will follow in other areas in July.

To register your interest to attend or volunteer, please email BAME@royalmail.com.

BAME mentoring scheme

The BAME mentoring scheme began in August 2017 and since then, 75 colleagues have signed up. Mentees can discuss career aspirations, get advice about job applications and talk about issues they may be facing.

Mohini Patel, a procurement manager who has attended for five months, said: ‘It is open and honest and also boosts your confidence.’

5 Jun 2018