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Chapter one

Emily Atkinson has always been a self-proclaimed ‘bookworm’, writes Rachel Brennan. But when her passion morphed into a literary-based subscription business, that was a beginning of a whole new chapter.  

We recently dropped in on Emily (virtually) to find out how Royal Mail has a big impact on small business customers.

The Beautiful Book Company

Happy days

When business booms and sales increase twofold in the lead up to Christmas, you need a reliable carrier to deliver for your customers. That’s exactly what happened for Royal Mail customer Becky Avery of Hazel & Blue.

Christmas success
Hazel & Blue
12 January 2021

Letters with love

The Magic Ink Pot creates bespoke stories for children. Zoe Walker chats to company founder Judith Katz about the pandemic, the inspiration behind her stories and why she uses Royal Mail to deliver the company’s products.

The Magic Ink Pot and Royal Mail

‘I’m a Royal Mail girl’

One customer who uses Royal Mail for all her deliveries is Hannah Darragon, the founder of online party games supplier, Hannah’s Games, a toy and game manufacturer based in Plymouth.

Hannah explains how Royal Mail has been able to help grow her business and remain competitive.

Helping businesses grow
‘I’m a Royal Mail girl’
13 March 2020