Matched Giving and Grants- FAQs

Q: How can I get the money I raise matched by Royal Mail?

A. Pay your donation into our dedicated charity bank account using paying-in slips provided by Charities Trust. To claim matched giving, please follow the matched giving guidelines and fill in the matched giving application form. Charities Trust will only provide matched giving if funds are banked through them. Click here to find out more about matched giving.

Q: What is Charities Trust?

A: Charities Trust is an independent charity that manages fundraising, matched giving and community grants on behalf of Royal Mail. You must make your donations to charity through Charities Trust in order to obtain matched giving. This applies to both the Charity Partner and all the other charities you support. Charities Trust will ensure you can pay your donations securely. They will also pay out the correct amount of matched giving from Royal Mail.

Q. How much will Royal Mail match?

A. Royal Mail will match money raised by colleagues up to £200 per person per year for any UK registered charity or good cause through our  Community Support Scheme.

Q: Is there any other way that Royal Mail will help me raise money for any other charity?

A: Yes, Royal Mail also provides grants for fundraising and volunteering activities. Full details are in the Community Support Scheme matched giving guidelines (pdf, 98.43 KB). You will need to fill in and submit a Community Support Scheme matched giving application form.

Q: How should I bank the money that I raise?

A: Charities Trust operates a dedicated charity bank account on behalf of Royal Mail. Please contact Charities Trust for paying-in slips to make your donation. You can make your donation at your local Post Office. Charities Trust contact details can be found here.

Q: How will we track the monies we have raised?

A: Charities Trust will track money raised for our Charity Partner and all other charities. They will also record the amount of matched giving paid out to charities. We will keep you up to date about money raised in Courier, on myroyalmail, on RMTV and the intranet.

Q- What is the Operations Fundraising Challenge?

A: Each year for our charity partner we launch the Operations Fundraising challenge. Keep a look out for updates and more information here.

Q: What are the charities and good causes we support?

A: Royal Mail will match money raised for both UK registered charities and registered good causes.
Registered charities can include organisations such as:

  • Charitable trusts
  • Charitable companies (charities that are also listed as companies)
  • Schools

You can search the online charity registers listed below if you are unsure whether your charity is registered.
Charity Commission for England and Wales:
Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator: or call 01382 220446
Charity Commission for Northern Ireland; or call 028 3832 0220.

Registered good causes
Royal Mail will match money raised for UK registered good causes that have HMRC Gift Aid charitable status. These organisations are too small to have full charity status and instead are registered as a good cause.
As registered good causes, these organisations have special tax reference numbers. Your matched giving application must contain the tax reference number for the organisation you are supporting.
You can obtain the tax reference number one of three ways:

  • Ask the organisation for their unique tax reference number
  • Contact Charities Trust to check if they are registered before completing your application
  • Amateur Sports Clubs that are registered as a good causes can be found at

Examples of eligible good causes include:

  • Sports clubs
  • Youth clubs
  • Scouts and Guides
  • Volunteer centres
  • Community groups