6 April 2020
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Royal Mail Matched Giving application form

Staff employed by Royal Mail can use the following form to apply for matched giving from Royal Mail through our two schemes:

Charity Partner 2017-2020: Allows you to claim matched giving from Royal Mail equal to the amount you raise for our Charity Partner 2017-2020, up to £2,500 per individual per year.

Community Support Scheme: Allows you to apply once a year for up to £200 in matched giving for money raised for any registered UK charity or registered good cause.

Find out more at here. 

Eligibility Questions

Only staff employed by Royal Mail can apply for Matched Giving.

Personal Details

Please enter your details in the fields below.  All fields must be completed.

Postal address

Please provide the preferred address for us to send your ‘welcome pack’ to.

About your fundraising activity

Claimant’s Declaration

About Charities Trust

Charities Trust is a registered charity that supports businesses and individuals with charitable giving.  Charities Trust operates Royal Mail’s matched giving and community grant schemes on its behalf. Contact Charities Trust for enquiries regarding Charity of the Year fundraising, matched giving and our grants programmes. The Helpline number is 0151 284 1221. You can also send an email to royalmail@charitiestrust.org