RMtv presenters

RMtv is fronted by real Royal Mail colleagues from across our pipeline. Find out more about our frontline stars here.

RMtv presenters

RMtv is fronted by real Royal Mail colleagues from across our pipeline. Find out more about our frontline stars here.

Interested in becoming an RMtv presenter?

Email a 30-second clip of you presenting to rmcommunications@royalmail.com.

Amira Rahmoune

Role: Postwoman

Location: Watford

Length of service: One year

  • Favourite sport: Hockey
  • Food I never get tired of eating: Vol-au-vent
  • Celeb who would play me in a movie: Mila Kunis
  • Greatest work achievement: Representing Royal Mail in the Selfridges campaign at Christmas 2020
  • Top of my bucket list: Northern Lights
  • Go-to karaoke song: Hey Yah - Outkast
  • Nickname: Curly or Ammi
  • Hidden talent: I don't know - it's hidden!

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Lee Miller

Role: OPG

Location: Northampton

Length of service: 20+ years

  • Must-have invention: Teleportation
  • Favourite holiday: Thailand
  • People say I look like: A skinny Jason Statham 😂
  • What makes me happy: A beer on the beach!
  • If I could eat something every day: Seafood
  • Bucket-list destination: Rio de Janeiro 
  • Most memorable work moment: Star Wars Special Stamp advert with BB-8
  • Hidden talent: Amazing at pool

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Chad Blythe

Role: Postman

Location: Norwich

Length of service: Four years

  • Celeb who would play me in a movie: Jason Manford
  • Favourite sport: Formula 1
  • Hidden talent: A good detective
  • Go-to karaoke song: Chicken fried by Zac Brown Band
  • Nickname: Chaddy
  • Food I never get tired of eating: Pretzels
  • Top of my bucket list: To scuba dive Silfra in Iceland
  • Greatest work achievement: Becoming an RMtv presenter.

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Clair Scott

Role: Customer experience operations interface manager                                     
 Working from home, living in Worcester

Length of service: 24 years

  • Top of my bucket list: To take a dip in a thermal pool/hot spring in Iceland and see the Northern Lights

  • Embarrassing memory: Thinking I was on mute on a conference call and yelling at my children to turn the TV down. I wasn't on mute!

  • My greatest work achievement: Being nominated for a CE First Class Award for rolling out customer experience training to CSP colleagues across the UK

  • Celeb who would play me in a movie: Sarah Millican

  • Hidden talent: I make the best pizzas and pavlova

  • PM for the day: I'd make James Corden PM!

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Laura Craig

Role: Postwoman

Location: Barnoldswick, Lancashire

Length of service: 13 years

  • Afraid of: Dogs, which is funny being a postie!
  • Celeb who would play me in a movie: Margot Robbie
  • Favourite sport: I'm a fell runner, so I would have to say running
  • PM for the day: I would offer free cake and coffee to everyone as a piece of cake always makes you smile
  • Hidden talent: Baking! I make a mean Victoria sponge
  • Best outfit: My uniform, of course
  • Top of my bucket list: To take my children to Australia
  • Most embarrassing moment: Getting stuck in the snow delivering to a farm in my van. I needed three farmers to help me on my way!

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Mick Sadler

Role: Postman and workplace coach

Location: Ilkeston and Heanor Do.

Length of service: 10 years

  • I never leave home without: My phone and headphones
  • Not fashionable, but I love: Cycling
  • Random fact: I've never seen Star Wars!
  • Proudest moment: Receiving a round of applause whilst on delivery during the first lockdown
  • Favourite destination: Florida and New York
  • Go-to karaoke: A Little Respect
  • If not a postie: I'd be a policeman
  • Hidden talent: Even I can't find it!

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Anne-Marie Jane Pollard-Vearnals

Role: Driver

Location: Stockport Distribution

Length of service: 17 years

  • Nickname: Doris - it was the only name available on a badge when I worked at ASDA at age 16 or Pollardington-Pea Head, named after the Poddington Peas, a children’s TV show when I was 16, because when trying on a beret for Air Training Corps my head was the size of a pea!
  • Favourite Royal Mail memory: Making snow angels in Buxton
  • Go-to karaoke song: I only sing in my cab!
  • The catchphrase/mantra I live by: Positive mental attitude and Carpe diem
  • If I wasn’t working at Royal Mail, I’d: Be a glass artist
  • Interesting fact about me that surprises people: I drive trucks, I pole dance and I blow glass!

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Paul Bailey

Role: Area leadership team support manager

Location: South West

Length of service: 32 years

  • Celeb who would play me in a movie: Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert, as I’ve been told I look like him - although I don’t have £72 million in the bank!
  • Top of my bucket list: To visit the Maldives and sleep in a hotel room on stilts in the ocean
  • Greatest work achievement: Telling a colleague about an internal job I saw advertised that I believed was tailor made for them. They hadn’t seen the advert and were reluctant to apply. I encouraged them to apply and supported them with their application, resulting in them getting the job and a two-grade promotion
  • Scariest thing I’ve ever done: Potholing with a guide who lost his way and nearly led us to the point of no return
  • Hidden talent: I’ve a great coordination sense. I pretty much never get lost
  • Food I never get tired of eating: Anything Italian - I love visiting Italy.

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