28 May 2020
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If it’s online, it’s on you!

Social media has become an enjoyable feature of our day to day lives. Even if you yourself don’t blog, share or tweet, I’m sure you have friends, colleagues and family members that do.

Did you know that social media is completely public?

If you only share something with your friends, there’s nothing to stop them sharing it with their friends – people you don’t know. And even if you delete a message or image, your content could have been shared with other people already. That’s why we describe social media as being public and permanent. Once it’s out there, consider it out there for good.

We need to be extremely careful about our online behaviour, whether we’re using a blog or wiki, a social networking site like Facebook, or a micro-blogging service such as Twitter. Click on the links below to learn how to protect yourself.

  • Connect and share with care
    Avoid the dangers of social media with our top tips. Learn more.

  • Social media and Royal Mail Group
    We have a Code of Business Standards that cover sharing messages and images that reference Royal Mail Group. It’s part of your job to know this code and observe it at all times. Learn more.

Share the information with your teams

All social media campaign material are available here for managers to download and share with their teams. Put up posters to raise awareness around your offices, Mail Centres and Delivery Offices.  Talk to your teams through the risks of social media misues, learn from our top tips included in the presentation.

Want to get in touch?

We’re always available to answer your questions or address your concerns about information security at Royal Mail Group. Simply contact the Information Security team.