4 July 2020
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Think secure is Royal Mail Group’s Information security awareness programme that focuses on helping all staff understand the value of information, the risks to it, and the ways in which we need to protect it. The programme flows directly from our Acceptable Use Policy, which sets out clear rules about how Royal Mail Group expects employees to behave when using the company’s information and IT systems.

The 5 key rules

Think secure is structured around five rules that relate to key areas of information risk and protection:

  • Protect information and equipment
    The need to proactively consider the security of information at all times. With most information handled electronically, this naturally covers the need to protect Royal Mail Group’s IT equipment. Read more.
  • Create strong passwords and keep them secure
    Recognising that passwords can be the ‘Achilles heel’ of an information system if they aren’t strong enough or well protected. Read more.
  • Use the internet safely and sensibly
    The internet presents many threats to information, IT networks and equipment. Precautions are necessary every time you work online. Read more.
  • Be social media wise
    Understand the significant risks associated with having greater global publishing capability through social media. Read more.
  • Report incidents immediately
    Knowing that damage from information theft or loss can be reduced or prevented by acting quickly. Read more.

The campaigns

The core component of Think secure is a range of campaigns that focus on specific areas of information risk. These run periodically throughout the year, and consists of materials such as posters, animations, online content, content on demand and hand-outs.

Get in touch

We’re always available to answer your questions or address your concerns about information security at Royal Mail Group. We’d also like to hear any feedback you may have, which could help us make Think secure even more effective. Simply contact the Information Security team.