Postal Family Fund ~ previously known as POOBI

The Postal Family Fund ~ previously called Post Office Orphans Benevolent Institution (POOBI) ~ was established in 1870 by staff from the General Post Office (a forerunner of Royal Mail Group and Post Office Ltd) to help the families of colleagues who faced hardship because of death, chronic illness or disability. We now support families all over the UK. Postal Family Fund is managed by its own Trustees independently of Royal Mail Group. Trustees include serving and retired Royal Mail employees and are supported by a Secretary to the Trustees.

More detailed information about Postal Family Fund and how to contact us can be found on the Postal Family Fund website, 


What help do you offer?

Postal Family Fund makes grants and educational awards to around 300 families per year. We currently support families in three ways.


Paid every quarter, this regular grant is award to families where there is demonstrable hardship to a child. This could be through parental death, absence, disability, chronic illness of parent or child, or other serious family issues which are restricting child development.

How to apply?

Families can apply for the grant and seek assistance by using the Confidential Support Helpline which also provides a wide range of skills, expertise, and resources.
The helpline is available Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm on 0345 600 4586.



This scheme helps families support a young person at university or equivalent institution in the UK. The bursaries are paid for a maximum period of three years subject to evidence of registration and academic performance, and for those going to university for the first time receive an additional grant.



Aimed at families with children (under the age of 18) who have special talent in music, dance, drama, film, sport, or other specialist areas, and need help with the costs of equipment, coaching etc.

How to apply?

For University and Rising Stars Bursaries, employees of Royal Mail or Post Office can apply directly to Postal Family Fund by visiting Information about these schemes appear regularly on the website, Workplace and in the Courier magazine, together with eligibility details and how and when to apply.


Who has the fund helped? 

Regular grant awarded to help with the cost of out-of-school activities

A family with one of the parents on restricted duties and with a chronically ill child received a grant of £2,000 spread over two years. This helped to ensure that they could continue to pay for out of school activities for the brother and sister. These activities were under threat due to the significant travel costs the parents were incurring for travel to Great Ormond Street hospital where their child was having treatment.

University Bursary supports struggling student in work

A three-child family with a daughter going away to university, living away from home, and finding it difficult to cover student fees and accommodation costs despite the student having a part-time job, applied for and received a University Bursary award of £4,800 spread over three years.

Rising Stars Bursary awarded to future cricket star

A family with a son with special talents in cricket received a one-off Rising Stars Bursary of £600 to pay for special kit and other equipment. The child is now staring at a county cricket academy.


Get involved

If you would like to fundraise and support Postal Family Fund, you can take advantage of Royal Mail's community support matched giving scheme. Details about the scheme and how you can apply can be found here.

To find out more please visit the Postal Family website at