18 January 2020
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How Royal Mail works with Action for Children

We have partnered with Action for Children to provide vital mental health support to young people across the UK.

How Action for Children works

From before they are born until they are into their twenties, Action for Children helps disadvantaged children across the UK.

Action for children

How will Action for Children use funds you raise?

Imagine growing up feeling alone, you have no one to turn to and question whether life’s worth living. One in eight young people (5-19 year olds) have a diagnosable mental health disorder. By working with Royal Mail, Action for Children will be able to support young people in schools across the UK to prevent these thoughts and feelings becoming much worse. Action for Children will help teenagers to understand their emotions, their relationships and see that life really is worth living.

Every penny you raise will be matched by Royal Mail and will enable Action for Children to provide face-to-face support for young people in schools across the UK. The charity calls this initiative the ‘Blues Programme’. The programme will employ specialist youth workers to help prevent young people aged 13-19 years, from developing depression and other mental health problems.

This programme will have a lasting effect on children and young people, their families and our society.

Find out more about the Blues Programme.

The content on this page has been provided by Action for Children.