18 January 2020
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Volunteer for Action for Children

There are lots of benefits to becoming a volunteer with Action for Children. You can learn new skills, build your confidence and make new friends.
Action for Children

Action for Children will bring its work to life by providing a wide range of volunteering opportunities.

“The whole day was a great experience. I know as a team we thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to get involved. It provided the chance to do something to make you feel worthwhile. It is heart-warming to know we are making a very small difference to a child.” (corporate volunteer)

Examples of volunteering opportunities include:

  • Practical help – support your local service by helping to revamp their garden space or transforming a therapy room.
  • Fun days – support activities organised for young people to escape from the daily challenges they face.
  • Campaign champions – challenge yourself to recruit as many campaign supporters as possible so we can maximise the impact of our campaigns and make the vital, lasting changes.
  • Event squad – Action for Children always requires support at its national fundraising events. You can help to ensure they run smoothly and raise as much funding as possible.

For more information or if you are interested in volunteering please contact: royalmail@actionforchildren.org.uk