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25 August 2016

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Our uniform has been developed using the latest fabrics and garment technology to provide maximum comfort and safety. It's designed to keep us safe, smart and looking professional to represent ourselves in the best possible way.

Uniform ImageYou can order your uniform through the Dimensions online ordering system using this link and following the step by step guide

To place an online order yourself, you will need an account. Your PSP pay number is your username and your password is Delivery (capital D). When you first logon you will be asked to change your password. You will also need to provide an email address in the “Manage My Account” screen – use your immediate managers’ if you don’t have one.

If you do not have access to the internet, your manager can place orders on your behalf. You should ask them for the order reference number for future reference.

If your uniform order is within your entitlement, your order should be delivered within 10 working days. However, if your order is over your entitlement the regional asset team will have to review it first which will/can impact these timescales.

To support you with ordering your uniform we have developed five golden rules:

  1. Always give a reason for your order - If your order will take you over your entitlement, please give a detailed reason why the item needs replacing and the date when the item was last replaced. The regional assets team’s decision will be based entirely on the information you enter in the additional notes box when placing the order.  If you did not provide an email address when you first logged on, you can enter one on “Manage My Account” screen or you can call the Royal Mail Uniform Helpline (0800 7315137) who will do it for you so you can receive updates on your order.
  2. Only order what is needed - Ordering excess items puts unnecessary demand on supply, resulting in possible delays and additional costs to business. If one item gets damaged, only order one replacement.
  3. If your uniform’s not with you in 10 Days - look, ask and report it - If you haven’t received your order within ten days, ask your manager, look around the office, or call Dimensions (quoting the order reference number) before you re-order.
  4. Don’t share uniform, it’s only for you - Uniform is barcoded to the individual and goes against your entitlement. If your new uniform doesn’t fit, send it back using the uniform exchange form. Your entitlement will be credited back and the correct item sent to you.  If you see uniform for a colleague that’s no longer required, don’t open it, send it back. Always return it in the original packaging. This means that Royal Mail gets the refund and the uniform can be reissued.
  5. If it’s faulty, report it - If your uniform or footwear develops a fault, complete the faulty uniform returns form with as much detail as possible.  Enclose the completed form with the item being returned and send it back to the address on form. If the item is deemed to be faulty, your entitlement and Royal Mail will be credited back. If we know about the fault we can work with our supplier and the manufacturer to resolve the problem. If you’re asked for a photo of the uniform, this is so we can get a refund.

 Following the five simple rules will mean you receive your uniform as quickly as possible.