RMtv Collecting customers

Spreading the word on Parcel Collect, Royal Mail Academy and Mailmark

Growing Parcel Collect improves profitability and reinforces trust at the doorstep. And we’ve been spreading the word.

In the latest RMtv, which you can watch here on Workplace, in the usual way via Content on Demand or on the People App, where in Macclesfield Delivery Office to hear from customer service point colleagues about how they're promoting our burgeoning service.

'Here at Macclesfield we spread the word by telling customers they can order postage online via mobile or website and we'll print them right away and send them straight on for them,' says postie Joe Rushton.

Also in the programme, introducing the new Royal Mail Academy and why Mailmark is a vital product and doing it correctly ensures we get paid fairly for what we do.

1 Jul 2022