Help signing up to Workplace

We’re hearing that some people are struggling to sign up to Workplace because of access to usernames and passwords.

Workplace usernames and passwords have been resent to weekly paid employees in payslips this week – find them in the messages section.

If you are helping people to get #SignedUp, ask them to bring in this week’s payslip (w/c 4 October), and use the instructions poster to guide them through the process.

Don’t forget - if you help five people sign up you can claim your free Greggs or Costa breakfast:

  • Head to the SignedUp group on workplace
  • Tag the five people by putting an ‘@’ symbol in front of their name and selecting the right name
  • Type #SignedUp in the message
  • We will contact you to find out whether you’d prefer Costa or Greggs
  • You’ll receive a £5 Costa or Greggs voucher.
5 Oct 2021