RMtv: Changing spaces

Watch: A successful merger of a delivery office into a mail centre

From resolving space issues to changing layouts, we’re making improvements to 100 delivery offices to improve a team’s way of working.

In this week’s RMtv, we’re at Jubilee Mail Centre in west London to find out how Brentford and Isleworth Delivery Office has successfully started a new chapter there.

'What it demonstrates clearly is that we can utilise existing space that we've got and uplift that space to a higher standard, and then actually create a better working environment for our people,' said Austin Stokes, delivery office mergers project manager.

Delivery to Specification is another way we’re helping to grow our business and become more efficient. Hear from colleagues at Nottingham Mail Centre about how we can manage the delivery of certain letters, which ultimately will reduce the number of trips posties make up garden paths.

Plus, see what happens at one of our five walk bundling centres – one of the lesser known areas of the business.

Watch the full programme here.

10 Sep 2021