Top 10 tips

Play your part to improve our fuel efficiency

Did you know we spent more than £177 million on fuel last year? That’s over 150 million litres and we want to reduce that to lower our carbon footprint.

Our light fleet alone travels more than 3.7m miles per week – that’s enough to drive to the moon and back every day, or around the world 128 times per week.

We have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and, although we are looking to increase our green credentials by purchasing more electric fleet, we will still be operating diesel and petrol vehicles.

A greener planet is better for everyone and you will start to see more and more Clean Air Zones and Ultra Low Emission Zones across the country with many cities having restrictions in place.

What can I do?

  • Eliminate unnecessary idling – always turn engine off when exiting your vehicle
  • Always drive within the speed limits
  • Check your tyre pressures / effective pre-use fleet checks
  • Drive smoothly – where telemetry is fitted keep it in the green
  • Right size vehicle for the duty / load being carried.

Here’s our top 10 tips:

  1. Drive smoothly – Avoid harsh acceleration and heavy braking where possible – pulling away too fast uses 60% more fuel
  2. Drive defensively – Look ahead, anticipate the road conditions and actions of others. You’ll be less likely to have an accident and will reduce fuel consumption
  3. Use the gearbox more effectively – Changing to a higher gear as soon as possible can reduce fuel consumption by 15%
  4. Don’t leave the engine running – Idling to heat the engine from cold wastes fuel and causes rapid engine wear. Never leave the engine running when the vehicle is left unattended
  5. Don’t over rev the engine – Don’t pump the accelerator or rev the engine unnecessarily, it simply wastes fuel
  6. Stick to the speed limits – Driving at 50mph uses 25% less fuel than at 70mph
  7. Check your tyre pressures – Under inflated tyres wear out more quickly and can increase fuel consumption by up to 3%
  8. If you’re stuck in a jam switch off – Turning off the engine after two minutes, if it’s safe to do so, will save fuel and cut emissions
  9. Use the right van size – Try and choose the best van for the load you will be carrying
  10. Don’t use the tail lift with the engine running – You’ll save fuel and stop exhaust flames entering the loading dock.
23 Aug 2021