RMtv: Bring My Label

New programme focuses on two trials

Two trials are the focus of this week's RMtv. Watch it on Workplace by clicking here.

We're in Doncaster, one of four sites trialling an expansion to our Parcel Collect offering called Bring My Label. As it says on the tin, we're pre-printing and delivering a label for customers and adding it to their items as we collect from them.

'The consumer will have something to send,' says Doncaster postman Ben Sidney. 'What they'll do is request us to go and pick it up from them, we then stick the label on the parcel, scan it for delivery, bring it back and that gets sent off.'

At Swindon Mail Centre we check out our driverless tugs moving yorks around the plant.

CEO Simon Thompson and CWU's Terry Pullinger launch Trust Check-In Surveys.

There's the incredible story of four OPGs at National Distribution Centre helping to save the life of a colleague, thanks to their first-aid training.

And a reminder to join the Workplace fantasy football competition.

13 Aug 2021