Quality countdown

A very important RMtv with a focus on our quality of service

In the latest RMtv, we hear from chief commercial officer, Nick Landon, on why this is a crucial time of year for our major customers and what they expect from us.

To watch the full programme, please visit Workplace.

Also in the programme: we meet Gainsborough postwoman, Chrissy Baldock – who knows exactly what her customers expect from her.

Chrissy’s manager, Chris Haines, says her efforts put such a positive spin on the company’s image.

‘She goes that extra mile, above and beyond - helping the customers in her own time, especially the elderly and vulnerable ones. She just oozes goodwill and a positive character.’

Plus, we celebrate the team at South West Distribution Centre in Bristol who won best in the country for their Tracked 24 mis-sorts performance and prepping for Christmas with our friends and family vacancies. If you know someone who fits the bill, please encourage them to register.

20 Aug 2021