A fin-tastic experience

Postie comes face-to-face with giant shark

Wildlife-enthusiast postie Martin Yelland had a sealife experience he’ll never forget when he came face-to-face with a giant shark, writes Gary Moss.

On a day off from his round at St Ives Delivery Office, he went snorkelling 20 miles off the Cornish coast and came back with snaps of a six-foot blue shark, which he’ll treasure for a lifetime. The story has been lapped up by national media, too.

This was a close encounter Martin could only dream of when he was out taking recreational photographs to add to his collection.

‘It was an unbelievable experience,’ he said. ‘It came right into us and was swimming round and round for about two hours.

‘I was a bit nervous (initially), but it turned out to be really good fun. It was so close; I could have touched it but you’re advised not to. They’re not aggressive at all; in fact they’re really friendly.’

When asked where this experience ranked compared to others he’s enjoyed since he began photographing wildlife five years ago, he said: ‘It’s definitely top.

‘About three or four years ago, I saw an eight to ten-foot stag up close. That’s probably more dangerous but this was just amazing; it was on another level.’

Martin featured in the summer issue of Courier, too, on our destination piece about St Ives. Check it out here.

16 Aug 2021