Feel good factor

Your efforts don’t go unnoticed

It’s the little things in life which make a big difference. Just take a look at the impact colleagues can make for going above for our customers.  

Liskeard Delivery Office
I have been struggling with my back for almost a year so my postman has been waiting a bit longer for me to reach the door. I was having a particularly bad day and he picked up on this – he came back with a chocolate bar and a note to cheer me up. It certainly did! Lockdown and Covid-19 has been particularly hard for posties, but it warms my heart to be thought amongst all of that.

Havant Delivery Office
Yesterday my post arrived in a sodden manner, but this is not a complaint. The postie obviously realised that putting it through my letterbox in a wet state would morph it into Papier Mache. Instead, they popped it through a small open window, bless and thank you. It has now dried out. Thank you so much for all you are doing, keep safe guys and gals.

Rhyl Delivery Office
My family would like to send a huge thank you to the postman who gathered up my two young grandsons when they shot off from the riverside on their bikes. The postie waited with them to ensure they were safe and away from traffic until my daughter caught up. We are very, very grateful!

Liverpool South East Delivery Office
I’d asked my postie about a parcel I was waiting for. He explained they were super busy with people off and unwell, but he’d have a look. He knocked on my door with the parcel the very next day. This was above and beyond and I just wanted to give him a shout out and a huge thank you.

Eastbourne Delivery Office
My daughter’s 18th was near and no birthday cards had arrived. I mentioned this to our postie, who went out of his way to go and check for us. He located them before personally delivering them - he truly saved the day! That’s customer service.

19 Aug 2021