Back on track

Accessing support to overcome your financial worries

Financial pressures are one of the biggest factors that can affect a person’s wellbeing. Alongside the changes brought about as a consequence of Covid-19, colleagues have had to adjust to massive shifts to every aspect of daily life.

If you’re feeling worried about money, compliance and sustainability planning manager, Nick Burns, says you are not alone.

‘We all worry about money at some point in our lives. But don’t forget there are avenues available to help you stay in control and manage your finances,’ said Nick.

Nick’s first piece of advice is to seek help and talk to someone.

‘Suffering alone adds to the pressure. The sooner you seek advice, the sooner you can get your life back on track.

‘First Class Support is a fantastic port of call to help you manage debt, deal with creditors and provide information on the Government benefits available’.

First Class Support – 0345 266 5060,

‘There is plenty of help and advice available – it’s just finding out why works for you. LifeWorks is an app you can use to access colleague assistance programmes with simplified access to information and resources,’ Nick adds.

‘It’s been a tough 18 months on people, with everyday pressures having a knock-on impact on mental health. Our resources are here for you to make life that little bit easier.

You can download the 'Lifeworks' app from iTunes or the Google Play store. Sign up with your invitation code (RMG-your pay number) e.g. RMG-12345678

For a full directory of support available, please click here for the contact list.

18 Aug 2021