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Find the right support: look after your feet

In this line of work, we’re standing and walking for large chunks of the day. That means choosing the right type of footwear is imperative.

The uniform footwear range allows the option to self-service your own needs through the uniform portal, which managers can visit here.

Colleagues can access through the People App or at https://detail.dimentions.co.uk/royalmail

All you need is your pay number.

Compliance and sustainability planning manager, Nick Burns, says if he had to offer one tip to colleagues, it's that they order their new footwear at the right time. 

‘Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to wear your shoes in. This will also avoid blisters or other problems if your footwear isn’t comfortable,’ says Nick.

‘Shoes aren’t always perfect. So if they do arrive, and they’re not right for you – make sure they’re returned to Dimensions so you’re allocated a correct size. You can always order an alternative.’

Do you have a problem with your feet?

If you’re experiencing problems with your feet or arches, make an appointment to visit your doctor, physiotherapist, podiatrist or chiropodist as you may need additional support, like insoles.

Nick says the business has tested customisable insoles, called Orthosoles, designed so that wearers can quickly and easily alter the level of support required.

‘The Orthosole products are available at a discount of 30% to Royal Mail Group colleagues. Just use the coupon code – RM19 on the Orthosole website.’ 

Full details of the benefit are accessible via MyBundle.

To help understand what you can do to ease aches and pains, please click here.

5 Jul 2021