Ministerial thanks

Postal affairs minister, Paul Scully MP, shares his appreciation

After a visit to meet colleagues at Rugby Delivery Office, postal affairs minister, Paul Scully MP, has paid tribute to all who work at Royal Mail, writes Paul Smith.

Before being given a guided tour of our new Midlands Parcel Hub by CEO Simon Thompson, The Minister stopped off in Rugby to learn more about how we’ve kept the UK connected through the coronavirus pandemic.

He said: ‘It’s been so inspiring to hear how the team has kept deliveries going despite all of the challenges. The work that you do has been really vital – especially for those who have needed to stay at home.

‘I’ve seen and heard how you rose to the challenge and reorganised your entire operation to maintain deliveries – not just in Rugby but across every part of the country.’

Watch this video of him on Workplace to hear more about what he had to say about Royal Mail colleagues.

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23 Jul 2021