Dingwall delivers

Meet the winners of the ‘Most Improved Delivery Office of the Year’ award

Walking away with the title of ‘Most Improved Delivery Office of the Year’ in the annual CEO and COO Awards is no mean feat at the best of times, writes Zoe Walker.

But to do it during a pandemic? That’s got determination, dedication and tremendous teamwork written all over it.

The ‘Most Improved’ office in question is the 28-strong team at Dingwall Delivery Office.

Small, humble and, based nearly as far north as it’s possible to go in the UK – not far from Inverness in Scotland – the office may be.

But behind that unassuming facade lies a hive of productivity.

By all accounts, Dingwall DO must have been firing on all cylinders while the world outside slowed to a crawl during the pandemic – given the amazing improvements the team achieved during that time.

And the pandemic was not the only hurdle faced – which makes their achievement all the more remarkable.

‘There have been quite a lot of changes in Dingwall over the past few years,’ says Dingwall Delivery Office Manager, Julia Meleady.

‘There have been various managers and this is a real recognition of the team keeping a steady ship and delivering their best for the customer.

‘Mike Newman picked up a lot of manager tasks and Jen Clarke, Andy Banks, Andy Sutherland, Mike Cumming and Ken Goodwin were keen to work days off during the pandemic to keep everything moving following the increase in volumes.

‘We serve a rural community who were cut off during Covid – and often the only people they saw on a daily basis was their postie.

‘It has been a difficult few years. But hopefully now that their hard work has been recognised, they can go forwards.’

Our COO, Achim Dünnwald, made the trip up to Dingwall for an early start to the day with a presentation breakfast and a chat with the team.

‘The team were very pleased Achim made the trip up,’ says Julia. ‘Achim walked around the floor speaking to pretty much everyone in the office. And they really appreciated that time with him.

‘It was a lovely morning – he was really nice. We have not seen any very senior managers in Dingwall for eight or nine years.’

Simon and Achim have certainly been racking up the road miles in their quest to visit every winning unit in this year’s annual CEO and COO Awards.

And they haven’t finished their great annual awards tour just yet – with the teams at Glasgow, Llandindrod Wells and NWDC still to visit.

From a total of six annual awards – three of the winners have been based in Scotland: Pencuik (Small Delivery Office of the Year), Glasgow (Parcelforce Depot of the Year) and Dingwall (Most Improved Delivery Office of the Year).

One winning unit is based in Wales (Llandindrod Wells Delivery Office – Large Delivery Office of the Year).

Then there’s NWDC (National Operations Unit of the Year) and Special Recognition Award winners, Barnsley Delivery Office.

  • Look out for more information about the CEO and COO Awards for the 2021 / 22 year coming soon. Will your unit be a winner next year?
14 Jul 2021