Customer compliments

You’ve been out there doing your superhero postie thing again this week– and customers have noticed and said 'thank you'

Another week in the Royal Mail world and you have been out there again – donning your superhero postie shorts, rescuing customers from harm and uniting stuffed toys, letters and cards with their rightful owners.

Thanks go to each and every one of you - you can all make a real difference in your communities. And many of you are doing just that! Below is just a small selection of the compliments we have received for our posties this week.


'I would like to thank Victor very much. This morning I opened my overhead garage door and the whole thing fell on me trapping me underneath. Victor heard this and heard me call for help and rushed over to help and another man who was on the street lifted the garage door off me and checked that I was okay. When he had finished his round on the estate, he called back to check that I was okay. What a lovely man. I cannot thank him enough. He is to be commended.'



'Royal Mail I’d like to give Ethan a big thank you. Whilst he was delivering around Nelson area he was always smiling, waving and always asked how you were. He radiated happy vibes which being pregnant during lockdown were much needed.'



'My daughter lost her stuffed dog toy and our local postman went out of his way to reunite her with her favourite toy. The dog was hand delivered wrapped up like a Royal Mail parcel and I wish I had photos of her opening the box. She is two years old and never goes anywhere without that dog. Thank you, Shaun! I just wanted him to be recognised for the brilliant postie he is.'



'I have a friend in Scarborough who suffers from dementia. She sends me cards which are quite often poorly addressed. They are always delivered. This morning I received a card from her with no house number and an obscure first line in the address. On the card there is a small stamp which says addressee unknown and marked 8th June. I think this is excellent service that Royal Mail goes to the trouble of identifying people badly-addressed post is destined for. I am most grateful for your service.'



'To all the staff in Barnstaple: A BIG THANK YOU for the marvellous service you have provided for the last 18 months. Appreciated so much. Stay safe and well.'


1 Jul 2021