Barcodes for all

More 2D barcodes – please remember to scan correctly

To ensure customers can put a barcode on their parcels, we are introducing a new label solution that will see more barcoded items in our network and help prevent lost revenue, writes Paul Smith.

It also increases the importance of scanning throughout our pipeline – including the vital scan at the doorstep when they are delivered.

Currently, online business account customers who do not use a shipping solution apply an unbarcoded PPI to their items. This leads to revenue leakage as every single item cannot be checked.

That’s why we’re launching “Basic Barcodes” which supports 2D barcodes becoming mandatory on RM24/48, First Class and Second Class account parcels and large letters.

Basic Barcode labels contain a unique barcode so that each individual item can be traced back to the posting customer account and reconciled against what they declared. This will help ensure we get fairly paid for all the items we process and deliver.

Everyone has a part to play to make sure this is a success by continuing to scan all barcoded items at every point throughout our pipeline.

You’ll start seeing the new labels – which you can see in the picture above – from August.

16 Jul 2021