Where there’s smoke…

Parcelforce driver saves Isle of Wight home from disaster

As a Parcelforce Worldwide driver on the Isle of Wight, who has worked for the business for 13 years, Darren Masterton knows the island’s streets and its addresses well.

It was a day like any other when he was delivering to an address in Fishbourne and noticed a lot of smoke billowing from the back of a house.

‘As soon as I saw the smoke, I just knew something was wrong. I discovered the bin at the back was well alight, and the window frame and gutter were burning,’ said Darren.

While Darren tended to the flames with a garden hose he’d found, another resident had called the fire brigade, who were quick to the scene.

‘I guess if I hadn’t seen it so quickly, the whole place could’ve gone up. I’m glad no one was in or hurt. I rang my manager as soon as I could and then I carried on with my delivery,’ said Darren.

Darren’s manager, James Godolphin, said his main concern was Darren’s welfare. Once the dust settled, James congratulated him on his heroic efforts.

‘The other Parcelforce colleagues always go to Darren if they have any address queries, he covers so many postcodes on the island. We’re proud of Darren – to know that he’d help out in such a way is great,’ said James.

As for Darren, his mind is straight back onto the job.

‘I always try to go the extra mile when I can. If I have a busy day on my route, I always keep going until my parcels are delivered. I believe someone has paid for this service and I want them to be satisfied as I know customers are actually waiting for these items as we deliver.’

C&S planning manager, Nick Burns, says although Darren’s heroics are very much appreciated, especially by the customer, colleagues must never put themselves at risk. 

‘The fire services have the equipment, training and experience to deal with these situations. Always remember to think of the risks involved, whatever scenario you find yourself in. If in any doubt, leave it to the professionals.’

22 Jun 2021