Structural revisions

Watch RMtv as delivery revisions from our CWU agreement gather pace

We’re moving forward with structural delivery revisions following our agreement with the CWU, and the RMtv cameras visited one of the first offices to begin implementing them in this week’s programme.

Prestwich Delivery Office colleagues took our crew behind-the-scenes to demonstrate the changes they’ve made.

Delivery office manager, Barry Sudding, tells RMtv: ‘We’re the first in the country to go live with the new revision methods. It was a great opportunity to work with the union and stakeholders in the business to get the walks equalised, look at the way we do deliveries, utilise the tools that we’ve got and just really put forward a new way of working together as we move forward.’

Watch this week's show here to find out exactly what is changing in Prestwich.

Also in the programme, introducing our new gas-powered trucks and demonstrating the power of Workplace with director of corporate affairs Jenny Hall, and the colleagues who took part in Mental Health Awareness Week.

Plus, Tyneside driver Kev Corner is our roving reporter, looking at PDA vehicle checks in Gosforth.


4 Jun 2021