Stamp Out Scams

Video – CEO Simon Thompson and postwoman Laura Craig’s vital messages

We’re responding to a significant rise in online scams targeting our customers, writes Paul Smith.

With the coronavirus pandemic speeding up the surge towards online shopping, fraudsters are looking for opportunities to steal money and valuable information from our customers through scams.

We are doing everything we can to protect our customers, and CEO Simon Thompson has been speaking about that in this video.

We’ve launched Stamp Out Scams – a new initiative that will give our customers the best chance of detecting and reporting online scams through improved guidance and awareness. It has also improved our ability to monitor, investigate and disrupt scams that use the Royal Mail name.

Such scams come in the form of a text or email, allegedly from Royal Mail, demanding customers to make a payment for a customs fee or a held item. These scams can be sophisticated and believable, tricking even the savviest online customer to make a payment or click on a link, which could download viruses or steal passwords or personal information.

Check out this video with Barnoldswick postwoman Laura Craig launching Stamp Out Scams, which explains to our customers what they should do if targeted by fraudsters or if they become suspicious about activity relating to their transactions. Be sure to share the link among your colleagues and customers, too, to spread this message and help keep people safe online.

You can visit or direct customers and loved ones to our Help with Online Security page if there is any concern around a message that says it’s from Royal Mail by clicking here. You can also visit the guidance page on the Parcelforce website by clicking here.

Any suspicious email or text that claims to be from Royal Mail received on a personal device can be reported to: and

If you receive any scam texts or emails on a work device / work email address, you should continue to report them internally to

17 Jun 2021