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OPG Jacki Hopkins on using Workplace and how it aligns with Royal Mail moving with the times

Workplace enthusiast, OPG Jacki Hopkins, was recently in touch with Rachel Brennan to provide feedback on how users could better utilise Royal Mail’s newest communications platform.

In faultless timing, Jacki suggested that RMtv be added to Workplace to ensure an increase in viewership to the new two-way communication tool. (Note: RMtv is no longer available on, Workplace is our chosen platform for hosting the latest business news).

And what does Jacki think of Workplace? For starters, she advocates that it’s super easy to navigate – including on your mobile device, which is how Jacki accesses her Workplace content.

‘I know some people have been a bit unsure about starting an account because not everybody uses Facebook. But it’s not that, this is just about Royal Mail. It’s just another way of showing us we’re moving with the times,’ said Jacki. 

Jacki has seen the benefits of two-way communication, a new way of working for the entire Royal Mail workforce.  

‘Workplace is about everything, and you’re seeing what’s going on across the country.

‘Ideas are coming from everywhere on Workplace. I can see what others are doing in other parts of the country – trialling things, new processes, etc. We would never see this kind of stuff without Workplace.’

As well taking a great interest in what colleagues posted about the new uniform roll-out, Jacki has been using Workplace to promote activities that engage the team.  

‘It’s not just about work, it’s fun. People have started specific-interest groups that others can join. At Swansea, we’re pushing for a healthy lifestyle. We need to walk, cycle or run 24,900 miles by end of August. We’re all posting our pics to show others what we’re doing.’ 

Jacki asserts that she will be encouraging colleagues to download the app.

‘The information is at your hands. We’re using apps every day, why not have it for work too? It’s a one stop shop. All the info you need or want is right there in the one place.’

For details on how to get started, please visit:

25 Jun 2021