No pain, no gain

Postman completes daily push up challenge for Cancer Research UK

Press ups – we all know what a savage and tough exercise they are. ‘Drop and give me 20’ may even send shivers done your spine.

But for West Bromwich postman, Dennis Glenn, he decided to set himself the challenge of 100 press ups a day during May to raise £1,000 for Cancer Research UK.

‘I saw the challenge promotion from Cancer Research on Facebook and decided I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone,’ said Dennis. ‘I decided to do it because three people very close to me have recently battled three different kinds of cancer and now have to live with the life-changing effects. Thankfully, they’re all cancer-free now.’

Dennis was strategic in how he completed the challenge at the very beginning, whereby he split the press ups into two sets of 50 – one in the morning before work and the remainder either at home or later in the evening.

‘I videoed daily and put them on my own Facebook fundraising page so everyone could see that I was doing them. Some days were a challenge, but once I got my head into it and really pushed myself, I eventually got 50 in both sets without stopping.’

For those of you who might read this and think, ‘should I do it?’ – Glenn’s answer is a simple yes, just go for it.

‘It helped boost my self-esteem and mental health. I’m planning to do something in September for Samaritans. This charity is close to my heart as I’ve needed to ring them myself when I have been in need of serious help. Thankfully, I’m doing better these days.’  

Glenn exceeded his target and raised a total of £1315.

23 Jun 2021