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One Year On: Mick

An on-the-ground view from postman, Mick Sadler, is the finale for our My Story instalment.

As well as adjusting to deserted streets and limited-customer contact, Mick echoes what the business experienced since March last year – parcel volumes never before encountered.  

‘People who have never ordered anything over the internet before, ever, have now suddenly found this wonderful world of online,’ Mick said.

As a business of our size and breadth, Mick recognises the difficulties the Royal Mail operation faces in ‘normal times’. Covid-19 required the entire workforce to adapt to a whole new way of working.

‘We instantly lost a percentage of the workforce through self-isolating, shielding and people who were having the symptoms and ordered to stay home.’

As the UK was devastated by the economic and social disruption caused by coronavirus, it was vital that Royal Mail used its key-worker status to keep the country connected.

‘One of the things that keeps the country going is the post. And we had to deliver it.’

To reflect on the past year and discover how Covid-19 has impacted our lives, please watch the personal story from some of our colleagues who feature in our One Year On documentary.

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4 Jun 2021